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Freelance Radio News Segments

World Vision Report

A vet who served in Iraq opens up a game store that helps Iraqi kids

Latino USA

La Mission: Benjamin and Peter Bratt tackle homophobia and violence in the town where they grew up.

Immigrants pool their money to save and to build credit

San Francisco playwright Octavio Solis becomes an overnight success after 25 years

National Radio Project

Chinaka Hodge Discusses Debut Play ‘Mirrors in Every Corner’

KALW News - Artery

Oedipus el Rey: Luis Alfaro challenges destiny

Inspired by "Project Runway," St. Vincent de Paul holds a fashion show fundraiser with high couture created out of cast offs.

Jewlia Eisenberg and her band, Charming Hostess, have made music from Bosnian resitance poetry and the writing of Marxist theorist Walter Benjamin. Their latest project is based on Babylonian engravings.

W. Allen Taylor never knew his father, a radio DJ who went by the name Walkin' talkin' Bill Hawkins. He spent a good portion of his adulthood trying to find out as much as he could about his dad and he turned that search into a one man show.

The Center for Public Life is offering courses for teachers who want to incorporate art into their lessons-- and for artists who want to teach.

Forget the Nutcracker-- a youth theater group performs a musical version of the life of the Buddha for the holidays.

A new book, Black Artists in Oakland, celebrates the musicians, painters, dancers, and writers in the city.
A Muslim, A Mormon and A Jew Walk Into a Bar . . . Bam!! What is the comedy in religion?

Famed playwrigt John O'Keefe thinks Walt Whitman's "Song of Myself" is completely relevant 150 years after Whitman wrote it.

Performance artist William Pope L. brings his Black Factory to San Francisco.

Bilingual elementary school students learn the art of translation.

Artery explores a program that takes teens to art films, museums and galleries to challenge them and broaden their world.

"To the Lighthouse" goes on stage at the Berkeley Rep. A string quartet captures the internal drama of the novel.

High school dance troupes used to be standard fare . . . now they are rare.  Artery looks at a school dance progam that's still on its feet  at George Washington High in San Francisco (8.1MB MP3 5min 30sec)


A program in Oakland is bringing back play . . . one kickball game at a time

A literacy program based in schools, Yes! Reading says reading is way more than just figuring out the words on the page.

An Oakland school is preparing students for college . . . while they are still in elementary school.

NPR Day to Day
A Charter School's Unconventional Success August 23, 2006
Five years ago, the American Indian Charter High School in Oakland, Calif. was about to be closed down because of poor attendance and rock-bottom academic scores. But then Ben Chavis joined the school as principal -- bringing his controversial political philosophy and unconventional curriculum with him -- and now the school has the highest academic scores in the city and a nearly 100 percent attendance rate.
Emily Wilson of member station KALW reports. (5.9MB MP3)

KQED News - Native Languages
Native American languages are going extinct, but a group in California is working to preserve and learn old languages in an effort to keep them around.
(8.1MB MP3 5min 30sec)

KQED News - Intercity Regatta
On Lake Merritt in Oakland, California a group of intercity kids learn how to sail and join a regatta. (6.0MB MP3 5min 09sec)

KQED News - Black Farmer's Market
A group of local black farmers have teemed up with a community to bring fresh produce to West Oakland. (6.3MB MP3 5min 22sec)

Columbia Radio News Needle Exchange Program
Expansion of New York Needle Exchange program into the Bronx with neighborhood concerns. (4.0MB MP3 2min 30sec)

Columbia Radio News Republican National Convention
New York City during the Republican convention a meeting of New Jersey Young Republicans meet to rally the faithful. (2.5MB MP3 2min 30sec)

Columbia Radio News Chinatown Bus
Chinatown buses running between NYC, Boston, Washington DC and other East Coast cities at cut rate prices and with cut rate service. (3.0MB MP3 2min 30sec)

Columbia Radio News Akhil Sharma Interview
Interview with award winning author Akhil Sharma (6.5MB MP3 5min 30sec)

Columbia Masters Project Running Part II
Part Two of a Three part series on the physical effects of long distance and extreme running. (3.0MB MP3 10min 46sec)

LiveWire News California Unemployment Payments
California has the lowest unemployment payments of any state. How do the unemployed manage? (5.7MB MP3 5min 30sec)

Livewire News Eminem Controversy
As Eminem prepares to perform at the grammy's with Elton John many think he should clean up his act. (5.0MB MP3 5min 30sec)

Pacifica News Network Amiano for Mayor
Write-in candidate Tom Amiano takes second place and will run in a special run-off election against the heavily favored incumbent, Willie Brown for Mayor of San Francisco (6.9MB MP3 5min 30sec)

Pacifica News Network Hearing on Genetically Modified Food
The pros and cons of using genetically modified crops in our food supply. (7.8MB MP3 5min 30sec)

Pacifica News Network Small Businesses confront Y2K
How small businesses are dealing with issues surrounding the Y2K computer bug. (7.8MB MP3 5min 30sec)

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